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President’s Message



Dear NUSBSA Members,



It is my pleasure to address you once again as the President of NUSBSA for another new term. I have learnt and gained much from my experience these past two years and I felt the need to contribute and give back to the association to help make the alumni experience meaningful to all members.


Our association takes pride in engaging members in a diverse range of activities ranging from business seminars, sports, entertainment and community outreach programs to youth-related events.


I am pleased to report that participation in our activities continues to grow well. Our iconic Bizad Charity Run 2016 held a record 1150 runners and almost 200 volunteers. This event has grown to such a phenomenal scale that it is now a fixture in NUS Business School calendar and more beneficiaries are showing interest to be associated with this event.


At the beginning of each term the Board holds a strategic planning session to review past performance and chart the direction for the next two years. We are now looking at how the NUSBSA can give value to its members. The term value does not necessarily imply what each member will receive. Value can also be attained through your giving of time and resources back to the society via NUSBSA. Through such efforts, you gain satisfaction, and perhaps self-actualization.


To further increase involvement in our activities, we intend to push the boundaries and think out of the box. We are going outside the limit of what a typical alumni association does and push for new directions, expanding the horizon to something completely new.


We boast of being the only alumni association to conduct Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminars for accounting and finance professionals. The seminars are officially recognised by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and participants earn 2 critical CPE points for their professional membership renewal with ISCA.


With a growing presence of females in both the Board and the association, Women’s Wing was inaugurated in 2015 to provide a platform to identify interests that are salient to them. We intend to build it into a strong and wide-reaching wing where issues that women are concerned with are gathered and shared. Recent talks on financial planning and fragrances were well received and we encourage more women to step forward and support our events or even volunteer in our engagement and outreach efforts to women.


Through the generous support of many donors, to date our association has given out bursaries to 134 Business School students. Our long-term goal is to provide enough financial assistance to students who have difficulty in meeting their basic costs for a university education. Everyone deserves to have an equal opportunity to a great education. No student should be prevented from attending university because of a lack of financial support.


Under the three pillars of engagement strategy - community involvement, sustainability and alumni bonding - articulated in my previous President message, I am excited to share that the association has built a solid foundation for success and growth.


We strive first and foremost to facilitate relationships between and among alumni, students and Business School. In essence, to serve as a communication link among the parties so as to nurture a continuing pride in being an alumnus of Business School..


I want to thank and recognise all the outgoing Board members who dedicated their time these past two years overseeing our many activities. Thank you for your time spent volunteering at our association. I also welcome our new Board members who were recently elected to their positions. It is wonderful to see new faces. It validates we are doing a good job and members believe in the credibility and purpose of the association.


Sincere appreciation and thanks must also be given to GANO for the countless hours they spent assisting and supporting our activities.


 I encourage everyone to take full advantage of our activities to stay connected with your classmates and make new friends as well. If you are interested in organising an event, please consider volunteering. We do want to hear your thoughts and ideas. After all, this is your alumni association and we work together with you as a team.


 Regardless of whether you have been out of school for 2 years or 20 years, NUSBSA provides you with the perfect platform to reconnect with your classmates.


 You may have left NUS Business School but the NUS Business School spirit will always be with you.


Yours sincerely


Sonny Yuen