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NUSBSA Youth Mentoring Program


The NUSBSA Youth Mentorship Programme is proudly organized by the NUS Business School Alumni (NUSBSA)
Board and NUSBSA Youth Wing

Our Mission: Inspiring and transforming our next generation leaders for success in life's journey.

This programme is open to NUS Business School undergraduates in their penultimate year and fresh graduates. It is designed to:

Act as a fun platform for mentees to seek guidance and advice from their mentors
Facilitate a smooth transition from university to workforce upon graduation 
Strengthen the NUSBSA community through networking opportunities


Roch Low

Current Job Title: 
CFO, Consistel Group

Areas of Expertise: Investment/Corporate Finance, Business Development, Oil & Gas, Leadership


More about Roch:

Over 30 years of working experience, Roch has worked in a variety of different industries with companies from 
its early start-up phase to maturity stage including  

+Audit, tax, Insolvency and consultancy (4.5 years)
+Oil & Gas related (8 years)
+Automotive, Industrial and Electronics including Manufacturing (4 years)
+Telecommunication (4 years)
+IT System Integration & Software (4 years)
+Pharmaceutical (8.5 years)
+Hospitality & Property (5 years)



Benn Ng

Current Job Title: 
Regional Head of FX Advisory Credit Industriel et Commercial Private Bank


Areas of Expertise: Private Banking, FX, Leadership, Private Equity, Financial Services, Property


More about Benn:

Benn is the Head of the FX Advisory desk of CIC Private Bank Asia and has been in the financial industry for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, the FX revenue of his bank grew 400% in 5 years. His clients include High Net Worth individuals from China, HK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Benn is a qualified trainer for private bankers in the Banking Industry and is well known for his humour and story telling style in his classes and investment seminars. He is an excellent speaker and has the ability to explain investments concepts in layman terms. Benn’s passion in investment includes Equity, Funds, Fixed Income, Commodities, Properties as well as Private Equity. He was a director and founder of a Futures trading firm and he also owns many properties overseas in Australia and UK. He believes that individuals should manage their own portfolios like a sovereign fund and investment should start at a young age. Benn studied in Raffles Institution and graduated from BBA majoring in Finance and Marketing. He currently sits on the Board of NUS Business School Alumni and is heading the Mentorship program for 2017.



Joey Gan

Current Job Title: Director, Life Sciences / Markets & Business Development, Asia Pacific - EY

Area of Expertise: Financial Services, Consulting, Investment/Corporate Finance


More about Joey:
Sharing - close to 30 years of work experience in the IT and professional consulting world having served clients from a wide spectrum of industry in APAC and working with colleagues from different cultures and disciplines - expectations of what professional firms like EY look for in fresh graduates in the current environment as I personally interview and recruit staff for my department - patience and passion in youth development - network of contacts through my job, volunteer works and personal connections 



Connie Ong

Current Job Title: Executive Director and Market Head, Bank of Singapore


Areas of Expertise: Financial Services, Investment/Corporate Finance, Private Banking


More about Connie:

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Connie is well-rounded with both the buy side and sell side. She graduated from NUS Accountancy and then went on to obtain professional qualifications - Australian Chartered Accountants and Chartered Financial Analysts. She spends most of her career in the area of investments and believes this can be a good bouncing board for mentees who is keen to have a career in banking, research or asset management.



Lee Yue Jer
Current Job Title: 
Investment Analyst - RHB Securities Pte Ltd


Area of Expertise: Character Development, Financial Services, Investment/ Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Oil & Gas,

Human Resources


More about Yue Jer:

Yue Jer has 6 years of working experience in the finance industry and is an award-winning analyst. He is keen on investments and also giving back to society via mentoring and coaching. He strives in career guidance, strong industry networks, technical skills in financial modeling, report writing, presentation skills, etc. Motivational guidance for high achievers